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Great review from a Russian Youtuber!

Thanks to Viktor for his review of the Modtok conversion case for Vostok watches. Viktor goes through the process of converting a standard Vostok watch into a conversion. Looks like he is happy with a Vostok watch with a sapphire crystal and a clicking uni-directional bezel. It’s all in Russian but still worth a watch even if you don’t speak Russian.

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Vostok 090 with uni-directional clicking bezel

First trial of the uni-directional bezel Modtok Vostok Conversation Case.

Here is the first video of the uni-directional click bezel on a Modtok Vostok 090 conversion case. as you can see, the actual bezel used here is a standard Seiko SKX007 bezel with a new insert. THe click ring and gasket is standard Seiko SKX007.

Soon, we will have the first cases for sale featuring a sapphire crystal with the ability to take any Seiko SKX007 click ring, gasket and bezel.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Sample Vostok Case for Sapphire Crystal

Sample Case

Vostok 090 Conversion Case

We are happy to anounce that we have received the first sample case. In short, everything is good. As you can see from the picture, it has the holes for the fitting of a SKX007 click spring along with a compatible SKX007 bezel. To enable handset clearance, we are having a high double domed sapphire crystal specially made just for this case.

As for the rest of the case, it is sandblasted. It takes a regular Vostok caseback, ring and gasket. It also takes any of the long stem Vostok crowns. So as well as being a direct conersion for the Vostok 090, it is also a direct conversion for the Vostok 100, 110, 020, 150 and 670.

The case will be known as the Modtok 090 Conversion Case by Vostok Mods.

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Vostok 090 Coversion Case Factory Sample now in Production

The drawings have been approved and production of the first sample sapphire crystal conversion case has started. Hopefully we will have a complete prototype case to inspect within 2 weeks. Very exciting to get to this stage of the Vostok to Modstok Conversion case.

The problem of the crystal clearing the handset has been achieved by using an high double dome sapphire crystal. By making a minor change to the case size we have also been able to enable the juse of a SKX007 clickspring and bezel system.

Now your Vostok 090 can have a sapphire crystal and a uni-directional clicking bezel!

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Introducing the Modtok 090 Conversion Case would like to introduce the first teaser drawings of the Modtok 090 Conversion Case.

The case wil be fully blasted, come fitted with a double dome sapphire crystal. The bezel will be a uni-directional SKX07 compatible, which of course it means you can use the hundreds of different inserts that are availble.

So, keep tuning in for more updates as we manufacture the first prototype. Hopefully this case will appeal to die hard Vostok fans and also the huge Seiko modding community with an handful of spare bezels to play with!